We have put together this webpage to assist you in your planning. We understand that you may not always know the steps you need to take when a loved one passes away. We have put together this list of resources to assist you.
Applying for Social Security Benefits You must apply in order to receive benefits. You may apply at any Social Security office or, if you wish, you may apply by telephone. Just dial the toll-free number 1-800-772-1213 and the operator will schedule an appointment for you or arrange for the local Social Security office to take your claim by telephone. CLICK HERE for more information on applying.
Veterans Benefits Survivors of any person, who was an active or retired member of the military at time of death, or an honorably discharged veteran, could be eligible for a number of benefits. CLICK HERE for information on applying.
Grief Support The ability to make it through the death of a loved one can be challenging. You may have feelings of shock and disbelief, anger, guilt and depression. Caring for yourself is not selfish. This period of recovery is different for every person. There is no timetable for grief, so don't compare yourself with others who have lost loved ones. It's normal for some days to be better than others. CLICK HERE for more information and links to support websites.